Transportes Saavedra was established in the 70s, commencing its activities with special road transport. Later, in the 80s and 90s, the company started receiving the resources necessary to carry out new activities which were being subcontracted up until then.


The new activities included pilot escort vehicles, handling special transit authorisations and technical route studies. From then onwards, the Saavedra Group has seen a spectacular development due to the provision of its services to different industrial sectors, at all times maintaining its personalised attention while adapting its fleet of vehicles to the constant development of its clients’ needs.



In order to cater for the highly levels of demand and diversity in the sector, the Saavedra Group gradually created the companies now making up the group so as to provide global solutions the needs posed by our clients.


This led to the creation of the following companies were created:


Intertransportes Saavedra S.L., Coches Piloto Saavedra S.L., Coorygestrans XXI S.L., Drus Transportes Especiales S.L.


From the start, the Saavedra Group specialised in Freight Transport. Our fleet is formed by a wide range of equipment with configurations that allow us to adapt to any type of load.


Likewise, all our sets of equipment have GPS trackers which, by means of the Movertis application, allow us to track the real-time location of any vehicle whenever required. Continuous investment has been made in new equipment in the past 10 years,

a business attitude allowing us to be competitive and keeping us at the forefront in the special transport sector. Thanks to all this, the Saavedra Group currently has the technical means to transport pieces of any size and up to a weight of 600t.



The staff of the Saavedra Group is made up by a multidisciplinary and diverse group of professionals who love their job and work hard every day to fulfil the main aim of the company which is to meet our clients’ requirements offering them an unbeatable service.


At the Saavedra Group we consider the Human Resources are essential to the company, for which reason we have invested in their training and development throughout our business track record, as a business strategy guaranteeing the best service is provided. This strategy has helped us maintain the leading position we now hold, even to improve it with regard to our competitors.


The pillars supporting the Saavedra Group for its sustained success are based on the execution of its work always in compliance with its corporate values:



Having consolidated ourselves as a leading group of companies providing special transport services, our mission is to: “offer an excellent service which exceeds our clients’ expectations, providing technical solutions that guarantee the highest quality and safety levels”


Quality and Commitment to the Environment


From the start, the Saavedra Group has fought hard to implement work systems in compliance with Quality and Environmental Quality policies. As a result of this, the Saavedra Group has the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certificates regarding Quality and Environmental Quality issues.



The Saavedra Group has a team of professionals with a culture of innovation. This is conveyed by implementing the services provided to clients including continuous improvements and, in each case, contributing new solutions that improve the quality of the services.


Flexibility and Individual Commitment


At the Saavedra Group we are aware of the fact each client requires a service adapted to is needs, for which reason our staff gets really involved to fulfil all the commitments established by the company for all its clients.

Health and Safety


Health and Safety has become an added value for our clients at the Saavedra Group. One of our main aims has and will always be to keep this prevention culture in place. As a result of this, the Saavedra Group has the OHSAS 18001:2007 certificates.


Client Orientation


At the Saavedra Group we are aware of the fact our clients deserve our particular attention, for which reason we try hard every day to understand their needs in order to meet and exceed their expectations.




Aware of the importance of Occupational Health and Safety, the Saavedra Group from the start managed to get its entire staff to participate in compliance regarding preventive issues. This leads to Occupational Health and Safety at our company to become an added value to the services provided to our clients.


Occupational Health and Safety has become a work philosophy at the Saavedra Group, encouraging the participation of all its members, performing prevention campaigns and training all its staff regarding preventive issues.


All the companies making up the group have the OSHAS 18001:2007 certificate recognising the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.


The SAAVEDRA GROUP is a group of companies arising as a result of 40 years of work in the national and international Special Freight Transport sector, maintaining a high level of quality in its services, allowing for full client satisfaction, responding to current and mutually agreed demands, and contributing real and efficient solutions to solve specific problems. Quality is one of the basic commitments of this group and the individual responsibility of each of its staff members, this being faithfully reflected by the specific actions in its projects.


The Saavedra Group has an Occupational Health and Safety Management System. As a result of this, all the companies of the Saavedra Group have the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certificates.

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