The Saavedra Group currently carries out its activities for companies in different sectors such as:

Renewable Energies


Iron and Steel and Petrochemical Industries


Mining and Railways


Metal Mechanics Industries


Public and Civil Works


General Loads


Our Services

Special Road Transport


The Saavedra Group specialises in transporting freight of exceptional dimensions and weight such as gantry cranes, civil works bridges and wind turbines. Our fleet is formed by a wide range of equipment (with an average age under 4 years) with configurations that allow us to adapt to any type of load. Our sets of equipment have GPS trackers which allow us to track the real-time location of any vehicle whenever required.


Escort or Pilot Vehicles


The Saavedra Group has a wide fleet of Special Transport escort vehicles authorised to provide this service in any EU country and Morocco. This service is also provided to other companies of the transport sector when required.


Multimodal Projects


The Saavedra Group carries out Multimodal Transport Projects with our clients entrusting us the logistical organisation of the load independently from the transport means used: ship, air, rail or road.


Technical Route Studies


The Saavedra Group has widely experienced personnel in its technical department regarding Special Transport and Lifting Large Loads. It also has the latest Engineering software to perform Technical Route Studies, allowing it to be at the forefront in the Transport Engineering sector, while also to speed up any authorisation requiring technical studies.

Integral Transport and Lifting Projects


The Saavedra Group offers its clients the preparation of integral Transport and Lifting projects, with specialised personnel carrying out the logistical organisation and supervision of the work. Performing this type of project allows us to reduce waiting times and avoids work being paralysed, thus benefitting our clients.


Management of Permits and Authorisations


The Saavedra Group has personnel exclusively in charge of the management of Supplementary Transit Authorisations. This allows us to be fully independent, while having greater control and efficiency when obtaining such authorisations. At present, the Saavedra Group also perform this activity for third parties requesting our services.


General Loads


The Saavedra Group has a varied fleet, together with duly trained and certified drivers, for internal operations. It also offers “TIR” vehicles, closed, with curtains and sliding and lifting roof, specifically envisaged for this type of service. Via the General Loads department, the Saavedra Group regularly operates both nationally and internationally in the following business sectors: Metal Mechanics Industry; Industrial Machinery; Vehicle Industry Components; Paper and Paper By-product Industry; Civil and Public Works; Iron and Steel Products; Containers; Precast Concrete Products, etc


The adaptation of our work to our clients’ needs is the basis of our success.

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